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Can I Still Buy a Traditional Candlestick Chandelier?

The first chandeliers were created with real candles that were lit and placed on a hanging structure from the ceiling.

That wasn’t necessarily safe but it worked. When electricity was invented, chandeliers evolved into electricity that powered light bulbs. The bulbs could even be replaced.

Many people still prefer that real candle chandelier UK style, but you may be wondering if you can still buy one for the dining room?

Yes, you can still shop for a real candle chandelier or a candlestick chandelier on our site. There are plenty of options to find here.

What Types of Candle Chandeliers Can I Find?

If you have a dining room in your home that you’re decorating as a pub, then you may appreciate the Giuliana 6-light real candle chandelier style.

But instead of worrying about burning candles, it utilises vintage-style light bulbs. If you prefer some elegance, you can shop for chandeliers that have hanging cut crystal beads that capture the light. These are available in small to large styles to fit any size of room.

There are also tea light chandelier UK styles that look modern and have up to 20 smaller lights in them. These are perfect for when you have a modern home and don’t think crystals or medieval style will work.

Candle Chandelier Ideas

If you’re seeking a real candle chandelier UK but need some ideas for something unique for your dining room then there are plenty of ideas you may never have seen before.

You can buy a small 4-light candle chandelier that’s encased within a globe. This offers both a traditional and a modern look. There are also ones where the candles are within a “lantern” which makes it fun.

There are ones with hoops which make them unique. And if you prefer candles with cut crystals and beads, there are those here on the site too.

Be sure to measure your old chandelier to get some idea of how a new one will fit. If you have the room, you may want to go up in size too.

Where Can I Shop for Candlestick Chandeliers?

If you’re ready to add a candlestick chandelier to your house or condo then you’ll need a good way to shop. You don’t want to be driving all over town to find what you need, wasting fuel and time.

Your local stores may also have high overheads which will drive up the costs of that chandelier you want.

Instead, you can shop on our website called Cheap Chandeliers UK, and browse our product category page called Candle Chandeliers.

Here you’ll find over 200 listings of current styles and brands.

If you’re tired of looking at that old light in your dining room or living room, or want to replace an old worn one, now is the time to visit our website to see the candlestick chandeliers for sale.

And if you prefer something else, we also have other product categories where you’ll be sure to find a chandelier to suit your home.

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