Shabby Chic Chandeliers

Shabby chic is described as interior decor items and soft furnishings which look older than they are, or have been deliberately designed to look worn.

This style describes items such as paintings which look faded even though they are new, upholstery with patterns which are smudged or unclear and metals which have been treated to look aged.

These days, who wants to have something that looks plastic and false when you could have something that looks as if it has history?

With cheap shabby chic chandeliers, your bedroom can look classily lived in. Why spend more money than necessary, after all?

These days of austerity call for extreme measures, and if you don’t have an antique of your own to call on, these shabby chic chandeliers for sale in the UK will look the part.

For a child’s bedroom, you could choose a shabby chic chandelier made of bubbles. Most children love the effects of light refraction, and the bubble chandelier is not only colourful in itself, it will create colours too as the light hits the myriad of bubbles.

A shabby chic chandelier in autumn shades of russet, green, yellow and brown could bring warmth to a north-facing room that otherwise feels cold and unwelcoming, while a coloured shimmer fountain chandelier could brighten up even a deep winter’s day in any room.

The use of contrasting colour in your shabby chic chandeliers should not be underestimated – in one house I owned, the use of peach coloured paint in the south-west facing bedroom lent the room a glow that was visible all year round from the street outside.

Team that natural glow with a shabby chic chandelier with lots of clear pendants and your room will positively dance with points of living light.

There are also more traditional colours and shapes of chandeliers available through the site: plenty of white, cream, glass and glitz on show. Lots of pendants, crystal, multi armed shabby chic chandeliers with candle bulbs or brass fittings too.

For those who love flowers, there is a beautiful vintage flower design chandelier, or a 5 arm metal design where the bulbs are the centrepieces of flowers with metal petals.

One thought which has just crossed my mind as I’m writing this is that the use of coloured light bulbs with a clear shabby chic chandelier in your bedroom should not be discounted.

Instead of buying a chandelier with coloured pendants, you could consider a gentler option of a clear glass chandelier with soft coloured lighting. Pinks, greens, peaches and blue shades of bulbs are generally available, and you might find the effect more muted than buying a coloured glass shabby chic chandelier, lovely though they are.

We have some beautifully understated modern shabby chic styled chandeliers which could very easily meet your need.

That’s the thing with chandeliers. They are adaptable and shabby, modern yet timeless.

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